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Overview of CH Media & Photography

CH Media & Photography specializes in aerial cinematography for TV, commercial, business, construction and premium real estate. Using our fleet of multi-rotor drones, we can capture ultra-smooth cinematic footage for your next project. Our drone cameras are gyro-stabilized and have full 360° 3-axis capabilities with video downlink. We adhere to all FAA regulations, which enable our drones to fly up to 400 feet above ground level and at speeds up to 50mph. We can also obtain special flight waivers and FAA airspace authorizations for your flight location, if required. All of our drones have been registered with the FAA and DOT, and are operated by FAA Part 107 licensed pilots. CH Media & Photography operations offer aviation liability insurance for projects upon request.

Drone Video and Photos

We fly aerial drones equipped with gimbal-stabilized cameras that capture footage in 4K. RAW video footage options are available. For photography, we can capture high-resolution 16 Mega Pixel (4600 x 3450) RAW and JPEG still images. Aerial image screen grabs can also be taken from our 4K video footage.

Traditional Video

We offer traditional ground-based filming services if clients require standard footage along with the drone footage. We can film in a variety of formats such as 4K & even high-speed 180fps for slow motion sequences in Full HD. We utilize a hand-held 3-axis gimbal system, which enables smooth and cinematic walk-though shots.

Video Editing

In most circumstances, unedited drone footage will be sent directly to the client. However, if you do require an edited video, generally we can provide that too. We offer professional video editing, color correction, sound design, and media authoring for web, mobile and broadcast television.

Need a quote

 We quote each shoot differently depending on overall production needed and if any special FAA airspace authorizations will be required. You can easily request a quote from the CH Media & Photography Contact Form. Please include any and all details regarding your shoot needs. The more information you provide will result in a more accurate quote.