CH Media & Photography


We hope your experience with us is pleasurable and unforgettable! Please help our busy studio to run smoothly by observing our policies. Your familiarity and understanding of these policies is important and will help insure a very memorable experience.

• Sessions time are available Monday thru Saturday

 • Travel Fees begin at $50.00 outside 30 miles of Studio

• Our studio has prints available for an additional cost.

• All sessions require a signed model release.

• Pricing subject to change without notice, all quotes are only good for 14 days.

• PLEASE do not send me photography related messages via Instagram or Facebook. I need to be able to track and keep a record of our conversations especially when it has to do with your sessions. The best way to book and discuss your sessions and events is email, text or by phone call.


We ask for a retainer of 50% per photo session, which is due at the time of scheduling your session. No time slots can be held without the retainer being paid. Retainers are non-refundable, however • With more than 48 hours notice I offer rescheduling. The client is only allowed one opportunity to reschedule the shoot before forfeiting their retainer. • With 47-24 hours notice I offer rescheduling only with a $25.00 fee. The client is only allowed one opportunity to reschedule the shoot before forfeiting their retainer. • With less than 24 hours notice you forfeit your photo session retainer. • If you do not show up for your session you automatically forfeit your retainer fee. We work by appointment only — it’s fair for all concerned. • New appointments must be made at time of cancellation. If you wish to add time to your appointment, the following fees will be added: • 15 minutes $25.00 • 30 minutes $50.00 • Reschedule $25.00 (due at time of rescheduling)

PAYMENT OPTIONS: We accept all major credit cards and cash. If paying with cash please have exact change.


Please arrive for your session 15 minutes early to prepare your hair, makeup, select clothing, and so on. The time scheduled and booked is the exact time your session will start. Due to other appointments and scheduling we do not have time to wait due to tardiness or unpreparedness, sorry but your session time will still start at your booked time whether you're present or prepared, sorry there are no exceptions… Please bring ONLY the subjects to be photographed to the session. This is especially important with pets and kids, as I will need their full attention on me rather than looking at other members of the family. Of course parents are always welcome! No Cameras/Cell phones, or other photographic, or recording devices are allowed during the sessions No Exceptions! This is very distracting to the subjects and the photographer. Please use cell phones in waiting area or different area then where sessions are being held. All clients of CH Media & Photography  MUST sign a model release. This allows us to show our work to others like you who are looking for a “Personal Photographer. ”When you book a session and are photographed by CH Media & Photography, you are agreeing and giving permission to use and publish your images for promotional, advertising and any other like purpose. Before your session begins, you will be given a model release form to sign. We cannot photograph anyone who does not sign the model release form.


• You don’t have to worry about knowing everything or having every pose or look perfected. I am here to help assist you with that. I do recommend you having some idea of what you would like and sharing that with me prior to the day of the shoot.

• I occasionally will post some of the images to social media outlets. When I do post them, I do not tag you in the images out of respect for your privacy, however, you are free to tag yourself. If you are uncomfortable with that, please feel free to let me know and I do not have a problem not posting the images to social media outlets.

• I definitely understand that most people will be nervous and some may even be terrified of doing a photo shoot, but don’t worry its normal. That is why it is always my goal to make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed during the shoot, or at least help you work through the nervousness.

• Please arrive on time and if you are going to be late, please let the photographer know as soon as possible.

• Even though many people look at my clientele and try to compare themselves to the people in the pictures just know that “perfection is not a requirement” to shoot with me. I shoot people of all genders, races, ethnicities, sizes, shapes, and what other characteristics you can think of and my aim is always to allow the person to see the beauty that is in their imperfections. Just like you are comparing yourself to others, those same people are comparing themselves to someone. (however I am not opposed to make-up…excellent make-up makes it easier on the editor)

• You do not have to be nude or in your undergarments to shoot with me, I shoot what you, the client, request of me. So your wardrobe is totally your decision unless you request my direction.

• Your privacy and comfort is my priority. I do not allow bystanders on the set unless you are a minor. I will however occasionally have my assistant help set up and help with lighting on the shoot but if you prefer a complete private shoot that can be arranged.

• In an effort to create flawless images and to make sure you and I display the best images possible, cell phones, iPads, video cameras and the use of other video/photo capturing devices are prohibited on set. You are more than welcome to take photos in the dressing room area or off set, but not in the studio area or on location.

• It is always my preference to shoot one individual at a time unless its a couple shoot or the individuals plan to be in 90% of the photos together. I do not allow multiple people to book one session unless it’s couple, family, or group photos. You can not split sessions in order to divide cost and/or time. I can not allow “shooting together” because it breaks my artist flow and doesn’t allow me to concentrate on you and give you the full attention you desire. You can however schedule your shoots back to back.

• Please do not bring an entourage to the shoot with you. I prefer to have one on one time with my client. That way I can really achieve my goal of creating the best images I can produce with you. It is hard to achieve this when you have someone lingering around. Throughout my years of experience, I have discovered that bringing someone with you usually increases the nervousness and the ability to relax. You not only have the camera on you but the eyes of a friend or family member as well. If you are nervous or uncomfortable shooting alone, you are welcome to bring a person with you, but this individual will not be allowed on set unless you are under the age of 18.

• Hygiene and grooming is always important. You want to make sure that you have done all necessary maintenance prior to the shoot. If you have body hair that you don’t want to be seen in the photos, please make sure you have shaved because all body hair will appear in photos including legs and arms.

• I always work hard to make sure you get your images back in a timely manner. My maximum turn around time is currently 14 days from the day of the shoot. (Sometimes I am able to get them done faster.) If you are in need of the images being done sooner than the maximum turn around time, that in most cases can be arranged for a nominal fee.

• If you have areas of your body that you are uncomfortable showing or any habits that you want to break, please inform me. That way I can come up with the best posing or be mindful of those little habits that may need to be adjusted.